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I use only the most highly rated equipment and products because for me, doing a thorough job means making sure your home is as clean as possible. Let me know your cleaning needs and I'll handle the rest.

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Family Rooms
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At Premier Cleaning Specialists, I make having your home cleaned simple. I work around your schedule, ensuring your home and daily functions are not inconvenienced.
Daily, Weekly, Biweekly and Monthly appointments available.

My Business is to Make Your Home Shine

With over 9 years experience, Premier Cleaning Specialists has a solid reputation for providing detail oriented residential cleaning services. My strict standards and unwavering work ethic are part of what makes Premier a favored company.
Whatever your cleaning needs, you can rest assured I can handle it.
Premier is experienced and professionally trained, ensuring you receive the finest services possible.

Did You Know?
Soaps, along with dirt and skin cells they slough off, leave behind a microscopic film sticking to most areas in your bathroom.

Did You Know?
Kitchen Germs can Reside in all the Places you think are Clean ranging from Sponges used to Wipe and Clean Countertops, to Drains, Dish Rags, Cutting Boards, and Kitchen Counters. These Germs can cause Various types of Highly Contagious Infections such as Common Cold, Flu, and Enteritis and is Easily Spread throughout the House by your Hands.

A Clean Home is Important
Highly Rated Equipment and Products
Premier Cleaning Specialists
Our Business is to Make Your Home Shine